Mochimochi, drives me crazy~



So chewy! So delicious!


Today I stopped by Jyu Jyu before work and found these delicious daifuku! In my excitement (especially at the pink one with the leaf [桜大福 sakura daifuku], I bought all four! Also, despite the torrential rain today, it is technically seasonally appropriate).

I shared them with my parents, since they are also fans of the mochi and it’s variants (in all honesty, I have forced it on them relentlessly since I came back from Kanazawa, haha).

Anyway, tonight we only ate the 白大福 (shiro daifuku, I think is the reading) and 抹茶大福 (matcha daifuku), but I did not think there was any problem with it in terms of taste or texture.

It was very soft, and not so tough as to make it tragically feral to gnaw at like another brand’s. However, this did make it a little harder to split and share. It is not difficult to a discouraging degree though, so if one whole mochi is more mochi than you can take, it should be arduously splittable.

The centre of both contained red bean paste – the ingredients list actually had it down as ‘red bean jam’ which was a tad worrying because jam is just too damn sweet, but they seemed to go sparingly with the sugar here, so it was very kind to my taste buds. +1.

Sizewise, it is not bad as an おやつ (oyatsu). I had bought it for $2 and honestly (snobbily?), after purchasing all those shitty ones (so much regret laid in those boxes…) from random Asian stores, I think that my innate stinginess has been whittled dull as I had begun to seek out taste and モチモチさ (mochimochi-sa, pliability) above all else; something that is not unlike me, because I am a pig, I suppose… or kind of like a crazy eating madwoman, but whatever.

The only complaint I have about 白大福 is that it would have been so much amazing if a bean or two had been embedded within the mochi skin – it would have been a little something that gave it a bit of an edge.

The 抹茶大福 really made me want to eat it slowly with a steaming cup of green tea next to me on a relaxing winter’s afternoon. The image complete with a kotatsu and a chatting partner, of course. ;D

This not so far fetched, rather boring and very normal imagining could be attributed to the fact the the outside was covered with green tea powder though.

BUT THE SUDDEN BITTERNESS ATTACKING MY TASTEBUDS IS A SENSATION I HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED AND WILL CONTINUE TO. This somewhat frightening bitterness is also noteworthy, I believe, for causing the red bean paste in the middle to taste sweeter than it would have in the 白大福.

Which kind of eating sensation work you prefer – the surprising bitterness of the green tea and the enhanced sweetness of the red bean, or a smooth, mild taste the whole way through?

My parents don’t like this brand as much as I do, so they may whimsically continue to purchase the other brand’s daifuku. In which case, I shall also do a short review of that to compare!

As for now, I have enjoyed tonight, quite a satisfying dessert!

Overall score: 3.8/5